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The books which symbolize our department (in Japanese)

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      Mines in Paintings and Illustrated Scrolls Collection Image Database (in Japanese)
    Animation of "Saki no Ohtsu Agawa-mura yama-satetsu arai-tori no zu"


2020.7.31The delivery service of lending and returning books at any Libraries of Engineering and Information Science & Technology has been starting. 2020/7/31-New!
2020.7.28Library Closing Dates in AugustNew!
2020.7.13Restrictions to prevent spreading the Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) [7/13 - libraries opening/closing information]New!
2020.5.18Mailing service of borrowing books and copying materials (for UT sutdents writing a thesis, etc.) 【General Library, Kashiwa Library, Komaba Library, etc.】
2020.5.122020 Spring Semester Syllabus title e-book list released(in Japanese)
2020.5.11For users who cannot come to the campus to return books under the influence of COVID-19
2020.4.16Information: Guide for Online Study & Remote Work
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