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Engineering Bldg. 3 Library

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members only= UTokyo Members Only


  • Systems Innovation / Nuclear Engineering & Management / Technology Management for Innovation / Nuclear Professional School / Applied Chemistry / Chemical System Engineering / Chemistry and Biotechnology


  • Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 3, 1F 143 MAP
  • TEL: 03-5841-7087
  • TEL: 03-5841-6519
  • FAX: 03-5841-0635
  • E-mail: kogaku3#lib.u-tokyo.ac.jp → kogaku3#lib.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
  • (Change # to @)

  • from July 13th, 2020(Mon.)- Weekdays:9:30-17:30 Open
    (Only for those who have an ID card (student/staff) with permission to enter the building)


  • Weekdays: 9:30-17:30 (12:30-13:30: No Counter Service)
  • Closed: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and New Year's Holidays (December 27th to January 5th), Entrance examinations period
    *Library may also be closed for some events.
Entry Procedure
Borrowingmembers only
  • Books: Up to 5 books for 2 weeks (These can be renewed up to 4 times.)
  • Journals: current day
  • Present your IC University ID card or library card.
  • Please fill out and present the designated form. Note that copying is permitted only for academic and research use purpose. You must comply copyright law to use copyrighted materials. For details, please see: Attention for Photocopying the Library Material
  • Photocopying at university expense
    • Members of Our Department: Department copy card
    • Members of other Department: "Application form to Photocopy in the Libraries for Engineering and Information Science & Technology"(工学・情報理工学図書館内文献複写申請書)is necessary. You can get it at your Home Library or Laboratory.
    • Members of other Faculty: "Application form to Photocopy in the Libraries in the University of Tokyo"(東京大学文献複写依頼書)is necessary. You can get it at your Home Library.
  • Photocopying at private expense: Please purchase the UTokyo CO-OP copy card in advance and bring it. (Engineering Bldg. 3 Library has no vending machine.)
    • For photocopying at private expense, color photocopier is unequipped.

Using Library Materials

How to Search

Please see How to Search to know general way to search materials.

  • When you see "Eng.3 Lib." on the "Location" field in the OPAC search results screen, you can use the material at Engineering Bldg. 3 Library.

Please see Dissertation in UTokyo on general use.

Engineering Bldg. 3 Library has course-based doctoral dissertations, master thesis and graduation thesis of the following.

  • Systems Innovation    (including precursor departments)
  • Applied Chemistry    (Doctoral dissertations and master thesis)
  • Chemical System Engineering    (Doctoral dissertations and master thesis)
  • Chemistry and Biotechnology    (Doctoral dissertations and master thesis)
  • Nuclear Engineering & Management    (Doctoral dissertations and master thesis)
  • Technology Management for Innovation    (Doctoral dissertations and master thesis)

If you would like to read them, please ask the library in advance. Some theses are in other building.

Delivery Requestmembers only

Members of department of belonging to Engineering Bldg. 3 Library can order documents from other libraries (in UTokyo or other universities). They are delivered to Engineering Bldg. 3 Library. Fee-based services require additional registration at the library in advance.

Please see Delivery Request.


Wireless LANmembers only

You can connect to the internet with your PC using wireless LAN in the library.

*In order to use "UTokyo WiFi" wireless LAN, you need to register an UTokyo WiFi account and to apply to use wireless LAN in advance. Please see UTokyo WiFi information website. https://www.u-tokyo.ac.jp/adm/dics/ja/wifi.html


Library staff can answer questions on library use and documents searches, and so on.