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Recommended Books List by Students (Junior staff)
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The books which symbolize our department (in Japanese)

Most Checked-Out Books (in Japanese)
The 10 most-read books by our seniors

      Mines in Paintings and Illustrated Scrolls Collection Image Database (in Japanese)
    Animation of "Saki no Ohtsu Agawa-mura yama-satetsu arai-tori no zu"

How to use Libraries for Engineering and Information Science & Technology

【For Univ. of Tokyo members】Those who want to use directly, please check Libraries opening status.
【For Engineering and Information Sci. and Tech. members】If you are unsure how to use the materials in the library of other departments, please contact the home library.
【For Non-members of Univ. of Tokyo】If it is owned only by our library in the country, it can be used by appointment. (Excluding Sci. Bldg. 7 Library) Please contact library by e-mail etc.


2022.12.5Closing Notice for during the year change period(12/27-1/5)New!
2021.7.1Relocation schedule Engineering Bldg. 5 LibraryNew!

2022.12.2Exhibition (Limited to UTokyo members) Introduction of books on railways - 150th anniversary of railway opening in Japan -(In Japanese) New!
2022.10.28 Warning about large-volume or excessive downloads of electronic resources(UT Library System Website)New!
2022.10.13GENKI BOOKS can be used in Eng. Bldg. 2 Library(~2022.12.26) (in Japanese)New!
2022.10.3Syllabus book list of A Semester (A1/A2 Terms) of AY2022 New!
2022.6.24Photographs of reconstructed bridges after the Great Kanto Earthquake
2022.5.9E-books for learning Japanese
2022.4.14The 10 most-read books by our seniors(AY2022)Best Reader2022(External link/ in Japanese)
2022.4.14 New digital collection: 4 items in "Doctoral dissertation", and others.
2021.6.24【Eng. 3 Lib., Eng. 4 Lib., Eng. 5 Lib., Eng. 6 Lib., Sci. 7 Lib.】Copy machine removed
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